NGA Connect provide consultation, planning and installation of local fibre optic networks, based in East Anglia

NGA - What We Do

What We Do

NGA Connect are a Fibre Network provider. That is we install, plan and advise on the creation of Fibre Optic Networks, allowing for the transfer of vast amounts of Data at the speed of light. This data can be of any type Broadband, Television, Telephony, High End Gaming or Database traffic. We allow you to have the best connection in the world.

Why you need us

Fibre is not like copper it is not just a plug and play system, even when it looks like it is. NGA Connect are experts in all the fields required from Electronic connectivity to Fibre Optic ruggedisation via BT poles and ducts legislation. All new network designs are a leap into the unknown, based on your specific requirements, we’ve made that leap before, let us help you with yours.

Who we help

Whether you just want do get your Business connected to the 21st century or wish to play 24th century games in a 17th century village, we can advise on the best way to deploy your resources. We have planned high end connections for groups of villages and individual Companies with special requirements. Ask us, you never know what we may come up with.